Kinh Do POSM Installation and Management



Kinh Do wanted to perform POSM installation and management activities to support the following objectives:

  • Increase the visibility of their brand across the market
  • Attracting more customers to Kinh Do wet sampling and store fronts
  • Introduce new packaging to customers
  • Increase overall revenue and sales


Deploy POSM (posters, hangers, storefront tools, etc.) in the market for 3 big campaigns of Kinh Do: Cozy, Fresh Bread and Kinh Do 20-year anniversary.
Distribute bonuses to participating stores
Execute in 4 stages:
  • Survey market then install
  • Set up POSM then pay bonus
  • First maintenance, status check of POSM
  • Second maintenance and bonus payment
  • Client’s audit to complete the projects


Deployed at 12,000 outlets in 15 key cities and provinces
Audited 25-30% of total outlets with 95% POSM retention after one month, achieve 15% higher than client’s expectation – 80%.
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